• LOCATION:  Orleans Career and Technical Education Center 
    Instructors:   Susan Lindke and Anne Carnahan

    LOCATION:  Niagara Career and Technical Education Center
    Instructors:   Pauline Carney, Jill Beatty, Erica Cook

    Students learn the latest techniques and apply them in our full service salon which is open to the public.  After students have successfully completed 1000 hours of cosmetology, they are prepared to apply for licensing and a temporary license through New York State.

    Click on this link to watch our students in action: Cosmetology Video


    1. To train students to meet the standards set forth by the State Education Department of Cosmetology and the Department of Licenses.
    2. To train graduates for gainful employment in the field of Cosmetology.
    3. To develop in each student the self-confidence and positive attitude regarding their skills as a professional cosmetologist.
    4. To encourage a sense of professionalism and high ethical standards.
    5. To develop the job seeking employability skills necessary to succeed in the working world. 


    Sterilization and Sanitation, Skin Care / Cosmetics, Hairstyling, Haircutting, Manicure, Pedicures, Shampoos, Scalp and Hair Treatments, Permanent Waving, Thermal Curling, Artificial Nails, Chemical Hair Reconstruction, Hair Color and Recolorization, Temporary Hair Removal, Salon Management and Ownership, Hair Extensions and Wigs, Work Experience.


    Manicurist, Hair Stylist, Color Specialist, Instructor, Make-Up Artist, Salon Owner, Nail Technician, Product Educator, Esthetician.

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