Early Childhood Education

  • LOCATION:  Orleans Career and Technical Education Center 
    Instructor: Christine Burdick

    e-mail: cburdick@onboces.org

    LOCATION:  Niagara Career and Technical Education Center
    Laura Koeppel 

    e-mail: lkoeppel@onboces.org

     This is a two year program open to all students in their junior and senior years.  Students spend a portion of their time teaching preschool children and gain hands-on experiences in a variety of child care programs.  Students completing this program will be trained as general early childhood ed workers.  Students will receive a child abuse recognition certificate, certification in CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation), certificate in Early Childhood Education and half of the required hours for a Child Development Associate credential and a portfolio, six articulation credits at Niagara County Community College and at the Orleans Center Only 9 credits from Genesee Community College through their ACE Program.


    1. To instill the critical necessity for maintaining a safe, healthy and nuturing environment for children.
    2. To help the student develop communication skills with children and adults.
    3. To instill concepts of appropriate child management techniques both in large group and small group settings.
    4. To understand the stages of development 0 to 9 years.
    5. To recognize various learning styles in children thereby to create an appropriate environment and activities.
    6. To develop an understanding of familial impact on a child.


    • Children's Literature
    • Child Management
    • Observing of Children/Assessment
    • Health and Safety of Children
    • Physical, cognitive, social and emotional development
    • Learning environment - set up classroom
    • Teaching Art, Math and Literacy
    • Nutrition
    • Family Involvement
    • Day care regulations
    • Professionalism
    • Children with special needs curriculum development
    • Multi-cultural education

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