• Location: Orleans Career and Technical Education Center
    Location: Niagara Career and Technical Education Center

    Robert Fritton - email: rfritton@onboces.org
    Bill Leggett - email: bleggett@onboces.org
    Doug Porter - email: dporter@onboces.org

    Click on the link to watch our students in action: Orleans Electricity/Electronics or Niagara Electricty/Electronics Video

    This is a two year program for juniors and seniors which allows students the opportunity to attain entry level job skills and/or prepare for additional in-depth training in the Electricity/Electronics field.  Students will study Electronics Technology with many analog and digital projects to build.  Residential house wiring and industrial motor controls along with training on PLC’s (Programmable Logic Controller) are part of the second year.  Classes may wire a modular home or work on projects outside of the Career and Technical Ed Center.  Students will be given job-seeking skills and be assisted in finding jobs near the end of their second year. 


    1. Learn the theory of Electricity: Ohms, Volts, Amps and Watts.
    2. Learn the use of hand tools and how to solder projects.
    3. Learn how to completely wire a house with NEC Codes.
    4. Learn ladder logic and industrial motor-control.
    5. Learn to bend metal and PVC conduit.
    6. Learn how to wire and program PLC’s
    7. Learn the basics of solar power in the use of home construction.

    Units of Study

    Electrical Safety, Hand and Power Tools, Electrical Theory, Reading Electrical Schematics, Proper Solder Technique, Digital Multi Meters, Residential Wiring, Commercial and Industrial Wiring, NEC Code Book, Installing Breaker Panels, Using an Oscilloscope, Programming PLC’s, Motor Control, Alternative Energy Sources, Bending Conduit, and Alarm Systems.

    How to Enroll

    Orleans/Niagara BOCES partners with local school districts to provide exciting hands-on career and technical training during normal school day.  To learn more, speak with your high school counselor.

    NYS Approved Program Title & CIP Code

    Electrician – 46.0302

    Possible Career Paths

    • With a 2 year CTE program: Electrician, increased demand 9%*
    • Associate’s Degree: Electronics Technician, increased demand 2%*
    • Bachelor’s Degree: Electrical Engineer, increased demand 7%*

    *Projected national growth for 2016-2026, US Bureau of Labor Statistics

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