Legal Academy

  • LOCATION:  Niagara Career and Technical Education Center
    Instructor:  Gene Newman


    Legal Academy

    NCTEC only. Students interact with many guest speakers from the criminal justice field and visit numerous agencies to learn about this career field.  Students will develop a network of professional connections through extensive field experience across Western New York.  The program will orient the students to the professional, technical and entry level careers associated with the legal system. 


    1. To develop good work habits, including the ability to work well with others. 

    2. To orient the student with equipment used by security and law enforcement personnel.

    3. To develop job skills necessary for employment. 


    During this one year course, students will not only receive instructional theory, but will also practice some methods of the legal system.

    • Criminal Law

    • Family Law

    • The Debate Process

    • Lawmaking

    • Torts

    • Consumer Law

    • Individual Rights

    • Policing

    • Contemporary Issues in Law

    Internship Rotations

    • Four internships per year

    • One internship per quarter

    • Sites include political offices, courts (county, city and federal), law offices and transportation security administration)