Project Based Engineering

  • LOCATION:  Niagara and Career Technical Center
    Instructor:  Scott Brauer


    Student will be engaged in team based projects while still being responsible for directing their own curriculum concentration, projects and areas of exploration within engineering sciences.  Collaborative teaching strategies and extensive active learning techniques make the learning process an active one.  Our program has been nationally recognized locally as leading edge in New York State and nationally and is directly responsible for creating over 30 NYS champions in Automated Manufacturing/Precision Machine Technology. 




    Introduction to Engineering Design - A unit that teaches problem-solving skills using a design development process.  Models of product solutions are created, analyzed and communicated using solid modeling computer design software.


    Principles of Engineering - A unit of study that helps students understand the field of engineering.  Exploring various technology systems and manufacturing processes help students learn how engineers and technicians use math, science and technology in engineering problem-solving process to benefit people.  The course also includes concerns abotu social and political consequences of technological change. 


    Computer Integrated Manufacturing - A unit that applies principles of robotics, automation and CAD design.  The unit builds on computer solid modeling skills developed in introdion to Engineering Design, and Design and Drawing for Production.  Students use Computer Numerical Control equipment to produce actual models of their three-dimensional designs.  Fundamental concepts of robotics used in automated manufacturing and design analysis are included.


    Engineering Design and Development - An engineering research unit in which students work in teams to research, design and construct a solution to an open-ended engineering problem.  Students apply principles developed in the three preceding courses adn are guided by a community mentor.  They must present progress reports, submit a final written report and defend their solutions to a panel of outside reviewers at the end of the school year.


    Advanced Manufacturing - In our high tech lab each student will be responsible for bringing their intelligent designs to life.  All students will learn to program and operate industrial machine tools including lathes, grinders and state of the art automated equipment.  In addition all students will study and master the use of manufacturing inspection tools and complete related quality control documentations. 

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