Security and Law Enforcement

  • Location: Orleans Career and Technical Education Center
    Location: Niagara Career and Technical Education Center


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    Click on the link to watch our students in action: Niagara Security/Law Video

    Students interact with many guest speakers from the criminal justice field and visit numerous agencies to learn about this career field.  This program will orient the students to the careers associated with Security and Law Enforcement and introduce the students to the criminal justice system (Police, Courts and Corrections).


    1. Using geometric concepts to create paper patterns and perform mathematical computations related to apparel To develop good work habits.
    2. To orient the student with equipment used by security and law enforcement personnel.
    3. To develop job skills necessary for employment.

    Units of Study

    During this two year course, students will not only receive instructional theory, but will also practice some methods of security and crime scene investigation.  Field trips to local courts, central police services, various law enforcement agencies, and prisons will also be part of the program.

    Students will get first-hand knowledge of the prison system with a question and answer session with inmates presently incarcerated in Attica and Wende Correctional Facilities.  The Community Awareness Program (CAP) and the Youth Assistance Program (Y.A.P.) enable students as well as college, church and various civic groups to engage in the presentation, which effectively demonstrates an objective and accurate view of the facility, it’s programs, the criminal justice system and problems that inmates face preparing for re-entry into the community. 

    How to Enroll

    Orleans/Niagara BOCES partners with local school districts to provide exciting hands-on career and technical training during normal school day.  To learn more, speak with your high school counselor.

    NYS Approved Program Title & CIP Code

    Criminal Justice/Police Science – 43.0107

    Possible Career Paths

    • With a 2 year CTE program: Private Security Officer, increased demand 4%*
    • Associate’s Degree: Law Enforcement Officer, increased demand 5%*
    • Bachelor’s Degree:, Social Worker, increased demand 11%*
    • Master’s Degree:, Lawyer, increased demand 6%*

     *Projected national growth for 2016-2026, US Bureau of Labor Statistics


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