VIP Automotive Services

  • LOCATION:  Niagara Career and Technical Centers
    Instructor:  Jeff Keller

    This program is offered to 9th and 12th graders. It is designed as an exploratory course to provides a opportunity for students who are interested in the automotive field.

    The course focuses on the following: 

    1. Automotive Service - deals with developing the skills needed to service an automobile and handling the various jobs available in the Auto Service Industry.
    2. Automotive Maintenance - deals with the occupational skills needed to maintain and repair everyday needs of the automobile as performed by service centers.
    3. Automotive Repair - deals in more depth, encompassing actual mechanical skills and equipment needed by automotive mechanics in a working shop.


    • Safety
    • Tools and Equipment
    • Customer Relationships
    • Vehicle Repair Estimates
    • Underhood Checks
    • Vehicle Detailing
    • Oxy/Acetylene Torches
    • Basic Vehicle Service
      • Lubrication, Oil and Filter Changes
      • Belts and Hoses
      • Vehicle Fluids
      • Battery Service
      • NYS Inspection
      • Cooling System Service
      • Brake Service
      • Steering and Supsension

    Please Note: Academic Credits are not provided for students attending VIP programs.


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