Course Outline

  • Auto Service - A Vocational-Individualized Paced Program

    The program is design to give students the knowledge and ability to succeed in the work of work.  Students will become knowledgeable about the automotive industry, explore career options and develop the personal skills needed to become successful in the world of work.

    Emphasis will be on career specific topics, these include:

    1.  Attendance - Needed for successful employment.

    2.  Interpersonal Relations - The ability to work effectively with others.

    3.  Communication Skills - To develop effective communications skills.

    4.  Responsibility/Time management - To work effectively in completing assigned tasks

    5.  Work Place / Personal Safety - To protect oneself and others

    6.  Personal Hygiene/Appearance - To dress appropriately in the work place.

    Units of Study include:

    Safety in the Automotive Shop

    The Automobile and Its Systems

    Career Awareness

    Tools & Equipment

    Related Math, Science and Communication Skills

    Basic Vehicle Maintenance, Car Care & Vehicle Detailing