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OTPT-91 Occupational Therapist

Requirements:  New York State Licensure Required    

Job Description:  Anticipated initial assignment is to be at Orleans and/or Niagara Counties, NY.  The individual will work with various classifications of students in special education programs in individual and/or group sessions.  The individual will provide treatment to enable activities of daily living, and develop fine motor skills and sensory integration, for students with various disabilities.  The individual will participate with other school personnel in the development and implementation of the Individualized Education Program (IEP).  The individual will access and evaluate students for initial placement of services, re-evaluate for triennial review, and quarterly monitor the progress of the students.  The individual will write and maintain session notes and any other required documentation for the purpose of Medicaid billing.  The individual will participate in team meetings and write monthly progress notes for the students.  Pediatric and school experience are desired.  Regular attendance and dependability are required.  Other responsibilities may be assigned.  The assignment is subject to change. Estimated salary range of $45,000 - $49,000 for a ten-month work year, following the teacher work calendar.  Salary may vary from the foregoing range, if warranted by the candidate’s experience and qualifications.    

Effective Date:  August 30, 2023     

Application Procedure: 


Wayne M. Van Vleet, Director of Labor Relations

Orleans/Niagara BOCES

4232 Shelby Basin Road, Medina, New York 14103, Fax: (585) 798-1943