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Class Collaboration Opens New Possibilities for Students

Electricity/Electronics teacher Bill Leggett and Computer Technology teacher Paul Herrmann recently had their classes collaborate at the Orleans Career and Technical Education Center.  “We thought it would be a great project for the students to work on a CAT 5 network cable tester,” explains Mr. Leggett.  “We decided to build them from scratch.  They are professionally made equipment that can retail from $40 and up.” 

A network cable tester is a device that specifically is made for testing and troubleshooting the capability and reliability of cable connections.  It is used by network technicians, network testers and cable verification testers.  “This is a great tool for both classes to have in their tool kit when they leave our programs,” says Mr. Leggett.  “We took one apart in class and figured out how to reverse engineer it and Mr. Herrmann thought it would be a great hands-on project for his students to get involved in too.  It was great seeing my students partner with his.”  Mr. Herrmann adds, “This was a great opportunity for my kids.  Mr. Leggett is great for these students and does a wonderful job.  It was great for both of our programs.” 

two student working with equipment

two students with tools

two students and project