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Security and Law Enforcement Students Hit the Ground Running

The Niagara Career and Technical Education Center Security and Law Enforcement students started the new school year hitting the ground running! 


Teachers Amber Croff and Jess Traver decided to start their classes with a run in formation.  “We are so excited for this year and all the upcoming events,” says Mrs. Croff.  “Physical fitness is something that is highly stressed upon in the Security and Law Enforcement program.  That is why we spend a portion of every class working out.” 


The teachers say that their advisory committee, which is comprised of local police departments and military personnel, have told them that the number one reason cadets fail out of the Academy and/or boot camp is due to their lack of physical fitness.  “Mr. Traver and I have decided to correct this issue with our daily workouts and have gotten nothing but positive feedback from the advisory committee.  We are ready to see all the positive things that will come out of it this year.” 

Class running on road