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Security and Law Enforcement Grad Becomes Lockport Police Officer

Security and Law Enforcement teacher Amber Croff always loves to get updates from her graduates at the Niagara Career and Technical Education Center.  She was extremely proud when Mike Buzzeo, a 2017 Starpoint graduate, informed her that he completed the grueling six month training at the Niagara County Law Enforcement Academy and was becoming an officer with the Lockport Police Department. 


“As an instructor sometimes you see success in a couple seconds, even minutes, other times it takes years,” she says.  “As he sat in my classroom, I always knew he would be successful.  He came to school every day with a smile on his face and did everything that was asked of him.  He was an uplifting presence to his classmates.”  She fondly recalls that although he always wrote in capital letters, “I always found that super annoying,” she laughs, “But his practical and theory skills were top notch. I remember when Mike was being awarded as a member of the National Technical Honor Society.   He was just an outstanding student.”


“Mike and I always kept in touch and he would often come to the Niagara Career and Technical Education Center to help me with practicals and mentoring the younger students.  He had a goal and due to his good habits, perseverance, passion and hard work he became what he had always envisioned.” 


Mrs. Croff says she was very touched and honored that Mike invited her to watch him on his big day when he took the stage at Niagara County Community College auditorium as a graduate from the Niagara County Law Enforcement Academy’s 78th basic police course and started his career as a member of the Lockport Police Department.  “I am beyond proud of him.  Congratulations to Officer Michael Buzzeo!  I know he has a bright future ahead of him.”

two photos side by side of teacher and student


Photo Caption: Security and Law Enforcement teacher Amber Croff with Mike Buzzeo during his time at BOCES and at his graduation.