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Orleans Learning Center Teacher Shares Love of History with Students

John Osterhoudt started his career as a teacher aide at the Orleans Learning Center.  He has since gotten his certification and degree in teacher.  He is now teaching Global 1&2, Participation in Government (PIG)/Economics (ECON) and United States history at the building. Teacher aide Heather Parsell says, “He loves getting the students involved and excited about history.  One way he does this is by doing hands-on activities that involve historical actual artifacts.” 


Mr. Osterhoudt says he has always had a love of history and has collected items with historical significance since he was 13 years old.  “I wanted to be able to incorporate these items into my class lessons.  The students get to touch them and try them on.  It is a great teaching tool.  ”  The students are fascinated by some of the collectibles he brings in, especially when he reveals their age, some are over 100 years old.  “They are in disbelief over the age and what they were used for, especially my World War I collection,” he says. 


The students have gotten to experience some of his collectables from the 1920’s as well like a telegraph machine and a typewriter.  “I like to bring in something from every era that we study here in class.   I think it makes history come to life.”

Students wearing world war I hats