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OCTEC Students Inducted Into National Technical Honor Society

Congratulations to the students from the Orleans Career and Technical Education Center, who were recently inducted into the National Technical Honor Society.  Out of all the high school students in the United States, the National Technical Honor Society students who receive this honor comprise 1.6 percent of that population.   For staff at the Orleans/BOCES center, they represent the four pillars of the National Technical Honor Society: scholarship, leadership, service and character. 


The students were honored in front of their teachers, families and school district representatives.  The students had to maintain an 89.5 grade average in their career and technical education programs and an 84.5 average at their high schools, have superior attendance, exemplary behavior, be a member in good standing with SkillsUSA and have a recommendation from a faculty member. 


Congratulations go to:

Layla Andrews (Early Childhood Education/Lockport CSD),  Nicholas Armenia (Diesel Technology & Heavy Equipment/Royalton-Hartland CSD), Corliss Bacon (Cosmetology/Lockport CSD), Hady Beltran-Roblero (Security & Law Enforcement/Albion CSD), Petra Bish (Cosmetology/Barker CSD), Riley Bloomingdale (Advanced Manufacturing & Engineering/Royalton-Hartland CSD), Samuel Bruning (Advanced Manufacturing & Engineering/Royalton-Hartland CSD), Cayla Burch (Animal Science/Royalton-Hartland CSD), Kayla Burgio (Animal Science/Albion CSD), Adeline Castricone (Allied Health/Medina CSD), Noah Cudzillo (Automotive Technology/Medina CSD), Brayden Cwiklinski (Advanced Manufacturing & Engineering/Royalton-Hartland CSD), Trent Dickinson (Advanced Manufacturing & Engineering/Barker CSD), Anthony Gagliardi (Computer Technology/Lockport CSD), Austin Gardner (Electricity & Electronics/Lyndonville CSD), Dakota Gilhousen (Advanced Manufacturing and Engineering/Lockport CSD), Michayla Greene (Cosmetology/Barker CSD), Javier Hamilton (Advanced Manufacturing & Engineering/Lockport CSD), Raselyn Hewitt (Cosmetology/Lockport CSD), Justin Higgins (Welding/Lyndonville CSD), Morgan Hodge (Culinary Arts/Lockport CSD), Layne Hodgins (Allied Health/Medina CSD), Riley Holmik (Animal Science/Lockport CSD), Caleb Joseph (Computer Technology/Newfane CSD), Isabella Joy (Health Occupations Technician/Barker CSD), Ella Kasperek (Animal Science/ Lockport CSD), Maddison Keen (Health Occupations Technician/Lockport CSD), Andrew Kimball (Advanced Manufacturing & Engineering/Newfane CSD), Jenna Lee (Cosmetology/ Newfane CSD), Kelsey Lemoi (Allied Health/Medina CSD), Bryce Mathes (Computer Technology/Medina CSD), Baileigh McAdoo (Allied Health/Medina CSD), Cayla Mendetta (Animal Science/Lockport CSD), David Merlin (Advanced Manufacturing & Engineering/Barker CSD), Mackenzie Moore-Cuillo (Health Occupations Technician/Lockport CSD), Kristopher Myers (Animal Science/Royalton-Hartland CSD), Brookelyn Nawotka (Allied Health/Medina CSD), Jack Nesbitt (Diesel Technology & Heavy Equipment/Lyndonville CSD), Ethan Nicosia (Diesel Technology & Heavy Equipment/Royalton-Hartland CSD), Hanna Pahura (Cosmetology/Albion CSD), Jayla Rosado (Security & Law Enforcement/Lockport CSD), William Roth (Computer Technology/Lockport CSD), Jackson Rowe (Food Services/STEP/Lockport CSD), Lexoni Russo (Health Occupations Technician/Medina CSD), Jane Schuler (Cosmetology/Newfane CSD), Michelle Schultz (Early Childhood Education/Newfane CSD), Gina Sidari (Animal Science/Albion CSD), Noah Soliday (Electricity & Electronics/Medina CSD), Hannah Songer (Animal Science/Lyndonville CSD), Lillian Stoltz (Early Childhood Education/Lockport CSD), Addison Taylor (Allied Health/Medina CSD), Grace Walker (Allied Health/Royalton-Hartland CSD), Braeden Williams (Allied Health/Royalton-Hartland CSD), Nathaniel Wolf (Computer Technology/Royalton-Hartland CSD), Hannah Zastrow (Welding/Newfane CSD) and Sharifa Ziad (Health Occupations Technician/Lockport CSD). 

Group shot of students in front of lobby