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Security and Law Enforcement Learning the Right Moves

Security and Law Enforcement students at the Orleans Career and Technical Education Center spent some time with Defensive Tactics instructor Joe Follendorf recently.

Mr. Follendorf and Security and Law Enforcement teachers, Steve Browning and Dudley Gilbert, went over the techniques for gaining control of and cuffing a suspect. They also worked on getting the students into a position of advantage against their opponent.  Mr. Browning says that there are five installments of training.  “We are covering tactics that are taught in the police academy and will show the students the proper way to effect an arrest, handcuffing and subject restraint.”  “This kind of training is very important and not only for police work,” says Mr. Gilbert.  “We have some young ladies in here who should know how to protect themselves.  Statistics show that one out of every six women will be the victim of an attempted or completed rape in their lifetime.”

The role of defensive tactics in law enforcement charge an officer with protecting others as well as themselves. The students certainly gained some new knowledge that will benefit them not only in their professional life, but their personal as well. 

Teacher with students practicing moves Teacher with students practicing moves