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Computer Tech Students Get Up Close Look at Yahoo!

Computer Technology students were able to get an up close look at the Yahoo! facility in Lockport.  The customer care and data center helps to take care of the over one billion consumers around the world with their hundreds of thousands of servers.  They also employ almost 200 people at the site. 


Morgan Hahn, a senior in the program at the Orleans Career and Technical Education Center says she thought it was very cool.  I think it was a good opportunity for the class to see what kind of jobs are available.”  Josh Magrum added, “I loved it.  It is one of the places that I dreamed of working at.  The server room was really huge and awesome. I was looking at all the hard drives in the server and they were four terabits a line.  It was crazy!”  Joe Meaney said they got to see things they weren’t expecting to.  “We got to see a bunch of stuff that we didn’t know that they had, like where they worked and the server room.  The crazy amount of heat coming off the servers and how they cool them.  They use the cold air from outside.  Which in Buffalo we have a lot of.”    Justin Corser added, “I really liked it.  It was awesome to see a huge data center and our tour guide told us some awesome stories like how one time the entire thing crashed and how he fixed it.  It was really cool, especially because I want to go into cybersecurity and that was really applicable.”  Teacher Mr. Herrmann explained, “They lost 500 million records from Yahoo!, but had it all backed up on tapes; compressed data that took five days to get.”  Corser continued, “I would be very interested in working there.  They have free breakfast and lunches.  They had Macs and Linux operating systems.  It was awesome!”  Mr. Herrmann said it was a great opportunity for his students and he is very grateful to Yahoo!  for opening their doors to them.  “What a way to see how a data center works from the inside.  It was awesome to see a major corporation like Yahoo!” 

Teacher with students in front of Yahoo Board