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Cosmetology Students Show Off Skills In Runway Hair Show

Students dressed in science fiction inspired outfits with teachers The students in Anne Carnahan’s and Sue Lindke’s Cosmetology classes, recently showed off the skills they have learned at the Orleans Career and Technical Education Center.  The juniors were given the task of creating glamourous evening looks with hair and makeup and the seniors created fantastical looks for their part of the competition. 


Local beauty experts judged the looks before the hit the catwalk at the center and the following students took home prizes:



1st Place: Lexus Waite (Royalton-Hartland) and Tzyviah Ward (Lockport)

2nd Place: Megan Greenwalt (Lockport) and Alexis Morton (Lockport)

3rd Place: McKayla Moule (Lyndonville) and Carley Russo (Lyndonville). 



1st Place: Shayna Bulmer (Royalton-Hartland) and Ryleigh Blum (Lockport)

2nd Place: Tyneka Benton (Lockport) and Lanae McCaughey (Newfane)

3rd Place: Stefanie Nicholas (Newfane) and Allison Davis (Royalton-Hartland)

 Students dressed in evening wear with their teachers