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Diesel Technology Class Pays Visit to Cummins Engine Plant

Diesel Technology teacher, Wes Blidy, took his Niagara Career and Technical Education Center students on a field trip recently. “We had the opportunity to travel to the Cummins Engine Plant in Jamestown,” explained Mr. Blidy. “The junior and senior classes had the opportunity to see how the professionals build engines. The plant builds 550 engines a day, and it was amazing to see all the robotics involved in making and building an engine.”


The students had a chance to see the bare block of the engine, the machining process to get the block ready and how they take a solid chunk of steel and CNC machine a flywheel and a camshaft. “Then farther down the line, the pistons are installed, cylinder head installed, turbocharger, accessories, and then all engines are test run for ten minutes, and head off to paint, then shipping. We were truly amazed at the whole process,” says Mr. Blidy. The students were surprised to see the amount of women on the assembly line, because the industry is usually male dominated.  “We also learned about the many employment opportunities at the factory, and other factories across the country for Cummins,” added Mr. Blidy.

Students standing in front of sign

Students in front of Sign