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Culinary Arts Students Help Salvation Army with Thanksgiving Meal

Robert Ihle’s and Caitlin Kucharski’s Culinary Arts students, at the Niagara Career and Technical Education Center, have recently participated in a holiday tradition that helps out the community. 

The Lockport Salvation Army delivered 50 turkeys to the Orleans/Niagara BOCES’ center for the students to roast, carve and prepare for their Thanksgiving dinner.  The classes have assisted in helping with their holiday meal over the last several years. In addition this year, the Culinary Arts classes are also preparing turkey stuffing for 600 people. The teachers say that this is not only a great opportunity to help out those in need, but helps themselves to develop their knife skills.  “They do so much carving between the turkeys and cutting of vegetables and bread for the stuffing,” says Mr. Ihle.  The students will also prepare 500 homemade pumpkin, apple, and cherry pies for purchase.

What a great way to get into the holiday spirit! 

boy and girl in chef clothing carving turkeys