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Buildings and Grounds Class Helps SkillsUSA Members with Closet Design

It has been a challenge for Niagara Career and Technical Education Center SkillsUSA advisor, Julie Roloff, to figure out where to store the jackets the students have to wear for competition.  “We had these racks that we put everything on and they were really packed in tight,” she explains.  SkillsUSA is partnership of students, teachers and industry working together to ensure America has a skilled workforce.  There are competitions each spring for selected students in their technical training of expertise and jackets are worn during the ceremonies and some competitions. 

Building and Grounds teacher Gary Benker thought that coming up with a solution for the storage problem would be a good lesson for his students.  “We went over to her office and measured the space where we wanted to build the closet and my students took very meticulous notes and started sketching the design.”  Student Josh Zuch says once they had the design, they used a variety of tools to start building.  “We used an impact driver, drill bits, jigsaws and various screws and hardware.”  Classmate Zach Stonebraker says they pieced the wood and PVC pipe together over the course of several weeks.  “It felt really good when we completed it because it was a little stressful.  I had never built anything like that before.  It is one of the reasons I like coming to BOCES because I learned something new.” 

Ms. Roloff was thrilled with what the students did.  “I was very excited about what the students achieved.  It’s going to make things so much easier to hang and organize the jackets.  There is so much room.”  Mr. Benker says he is proud of his students.  “They did a great job and it was satisfying as a teacher to see how proud they were of themselves.  They learned a lot of skills that will help them when they graduate and looking for jobs or just to do repairs on their own residences.”

Three boys standing in closet