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Building Maintenance Management Class Partners With EMS For Lesson

Two Niagara Career and Technical Education Center classes have partnered together for what could be a life-saving lesson.  EMS (Emergency Medical Services) teacher Sara McCartin asked Mike Carney, the Building Maintenance Management teacher to help her by building a dollhouse to teach her students about fire behavior.  “My seniors cut all the pieces of wood and began the assembly," says Mr. Carney.  "The juniors finished the assembly and adjusted the design of the doors so that they would shut better.  It was a great review for my seniors and gave the juniors some exposure to tools that they will be using throughout the program.”

Mrs. McCartin says it will be a great way to demonstrate how fire moves throughout a structure.  “It will help my students to understand why fire does what it does.  How does a door being closed affect a fire?  How does a window being open affect a fire?  They will also see how water affects a burning residence and what the stream looks like coming out of the hose.  We are very grateful to Mr. Carney’s class for helping us with this valuable tool.” 

Three students in fire gear with instructor next to house