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Conservation Students Review Logging Techniques


Students in Paul Dewey’s Conservation program have started review of “Game of Logging” in their program at the Niagara Career and Technical Education Center. 

On a beautiful fall afternoon, Mr. Dewey and students cut down a tree behind the center.  “Landscape trees pose very different conditions and potential hazards as compared to forest species,” says Mr. Dewey.  “We are using safety steps that the professionals use in the forest industry and discussed problems with lower branches or crown removal, insect damage and how to cut around obstacles such as pools, decks and fences.” 

During the lab, the class opted to use a Scandinavian felling bar, often utilized for small tree felling.  After cutting down the tree, the students had to identify tree tissue conditions on a slice of tree called a “cookie”.  “It was a great day to work outside and prepare the students for our timber cruise,” says Mr. Dewey. 

students examine pieces of cut wood

Teacher examines cut down tree as students watch