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Buildings and Grounds Class Helps Out Electricity Class with Storage Containers

Students in Gary Benker’s Buildings and Grounds program, at the Niagara Career and Technical Education Center, recently got some real world experience and helped out another BOCES class.


Electricity/Electronics teacher Bob Fritton asked the students if they could help him with a storage solution for the meters his students use in class.  Mr. Benker sat down with his students and did some problem solving and came up with a design to help with a solution to Mr. Fritton’s problem. 


Starpoint student Josh Zuch worked on refining the class’ design and the students built a couple of storage units to deliver to the class.  “Mr. Fritton and his class were very appreciative of our efforts and my class is always happy to help out and flex the skills they are learning,” says Mr. Benker.  “They did a great job problem solving and I am really proud of them!” 

students holding storage units with meters