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Cosmetology Students Nail Creativity for Lesson

Pauline Carney’s NCTEC Cosmetology class recently had a pretty cool lesson. 

 Due to the COVID restrictions, Ms. Carney could not have the students perform manicures on each other like they normally do.  “Usually for our manicure chapter, the students partner up and perform a manicure on each other,” she explains.  “So instead of partner work, the students made “hands” out of gloves, rice and nail tips.  The students were really excited to try them out.” 

 The students were able to complete manicure procedure, including a massage, and practice different nail shapes.  “It was a great lesson and provides a little comic relief for my students during these challenging times,” says Ms. Carney. 

Girl at manicure table giving peace sign Girls putting fake nails on hands