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Animal Science Students Learn About Bunny Basics

Animal Science student Serenity Baumgart decided to share her passion for rabbit husbandry with her classmates at the Orleans Career and Technical Education Center. 


Teacher Paige Hungerford asked her if she wouldn’t mind bringing in some of her pet rabbits and talking to the students about how to breed, raise and care for them.  Serenity shared that shared that she became interested in her hobby through the 4H, when someone volunteered to mentor her.  “She taught me a lot about the different breeds of rabbits and what they require to stay healthy.  It is something I really enjoy and nothing makes me happier to see a child’s face when they are gifted one of them and I get to hand them over.” 


Serenity showed her class how to check the rabbits’ health and check for any abnormalities.    She talked about what she feeds her rabbits and what kind of equipment is required to raise them.  She also talked about how to handle and show them and how to groom them.  Mrs. Hungerford says she is grateful for Serenity for providing a very informative lesson to the class.

feamle student holding rabbit

Three girls holding rabbits