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BOCES Students Say Some Bunny Cares About You to Northgate Residents

Orleans/Niagara BOCES teacher Sara Sperrazza says she is always looking for community service projects for her students at North Tonawanda High School.  “One of my teacher aides, Liz Clapsadle, stared talking about the residents in the long-term memory care unit at Northgate and how hard this pandemic has been on many of them.  She came up with the idea to make something to donate to the residents there.  All three of our BOCES classrooms at this site thought that we could so something nice to help them out during these troubling times.” 


The classrooms taught by Mrs. Sperrazza, Mr. Kurtz and Mrs. O’Mahony, brainstormed and decided the students could make little bunnies to give to them to celebrate spring.  “We bought 45 pounds of rice and three packages of socks and had a goal of making 40 of them,” explains Ms. Clapsadle.  “The students really enjoyed the activity and were so excited that they were going to be able to help somebody feel better and bring a smile to their faces.” 


“It was a great lesson in class to discuss what empathy is,” says Mrs. Sperrazza.  “The kids were really excited that they were able to bring joy to someone.  The bunnies really turned out great and we can’t wait to have them delivered.” 

woman helping boy pour rice

boy pouring rice into sock

boy holding sock

two students holding bunnies