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NCTEC Security and Law Learns US Army First Aid

First Sergeant Jenna Polk, Staff Sergeant Stephen Rohe and Sergeant Gabrielle Arnold visited the Niagara Career and Technical Education Center (NCTEC) to share their experience and teach Security and Law Enforcement students basic first aid skills.  The training included applying tourniquets, applying a splint, using emergency trauma bandages and categorizing and assessing injuries.  The students also trained on carrying a litter in teams of two and four. The students practiced the techniques and demonstrated proficiency. 


Security and Law Enforcement teacher Jess Traver says, “This training exposed students to basic skills required of police officers and new recruits in the military.  These relationships allow students to meet people in our professional career field and allow students to get firsthand accounts of requirements, culture and norms within the law enforcement and military community.  Thank you to the 277th Quartermaster Company and US Army Niagara Falls Recruiting Station for supporting our students and program.”

 student bandaging other student

student wrapping bandage on other student

litter training outside

soldiers talkining to class