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Security and Law Enforcement Students Go Through Marine Boot Camp

The Niagara Career and Technical Education Center (NCTEC) students had the opportunity to participate in a daily physical training session with the Marines.  Teachers Amber Croff and Jess Traver says the workout would be what they would expect during boot camp.


Sergeant Tapia and Sergeant Woods took time out of their busy schedule to stop by to put students through the realistic training. “The physical training session showed that boot camp can be tough and that it requires dedication and hard work on the part of the recruit,” says Mrs. Croff.  “They wanted to ensure that the future military recruits and police officers were prepared to meet the challenge and understand what a career in the Marines requires.”


The Security and Law Enforcement and the Marines started to train together to allow more time for the students to work directly with the military.   Mrs. Croff and Mr. Traver says they were very proud of how the students performed.  “As the juniors finished their session there was one group that was struggling to finish their jumping jacks,” explains Mrs. Croff.  “The whole class went up to this group together and preformed the jumping jacks as a whole class, yelling out their count, this gave me chills. This was one of the hardest PT sessions that these students have ever been through, seeing the students stick it out together shows me that they are understanding what pride and teamwork truly means.”


 Following the physical training session, students were brought in the classroom where they went over what the role of a Marines is and the benefits that they offer if one enlists. “Not only do they learn skills, but get advice on how to prepare for a boot camp or the police academy,” says Mrs. Croff. “As an instructor, I stress to my students about having pride, having satisfaction from their own achievements.  A special thank you to Sergeant Tapia and Sergeant Woods.” 

 students doing jumping jacks

marine talking to studnets outside

kids running obstacle course

Marines talking to students