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Orleans and Niagara Career and Tech Ed Students Inducted into National Technical Honor Society

Congratulations to the students from the Orleans and Niagara Career and Technical Education Centers who were recently inducted into the National Technical Honor Society.  Out of all the high school students in the United States, the National Technical Honor Society students who receive this honor comprise 1.6 percent of that population.   For staff at the Orleans/BOCES center, they represent the four pillars of the National Technical Honor Society: scholarship, leadership, service and character. 


The students were honored in front of their teachers, families and school district representatives.  The students had to maintain an 89.5 grade average in their career and technical education programs and an 84.5 average at their high schools, have superior attendance, exemplary behavior, be a member in good standing with SkillsUSA and have a recommendation from a faculty member. 


Congratulations to our OCTEC Students: Hannah Aiken (Royalton-Hartland) – Allied Health Program, Serenity Baumgart (Medina) – Animal Science, Zoeya Berning (Newfane) – Animal Science, Alyssa Clare (Newfane) – Health Occupations Technician, Emily Clark (Royalton-Hartland), Mackenzie Clogston (Newfane) – Health Occupations Technician, Paige Dennis (Barker) – Security & Law Enforcement, Allison Dent (Royalton-Hartland) – Cosmetology, Brandon DiNieri (Royalton-Hartland) – Electricity/Electronics, Brooklyn Garrow (Medina) – Security & Law Enforcement, Haylee Green (Lockport) – Graphic Communications, Nikolas Gutierrez (Royalton-Hartland) – Allied Health, Claire Halstead (Royalton-Hartland) – Allied Health, Seana Hamilton (Royalton-Hartland) – Health Occupations Technician, Kyle Haner (Newfane) – Building Trades, Catelynn Kidney (Lyndonville) – Cosmetology, Christian Lates (Royalton-Hartland) – Allied Health, Kailyn Livergood (Royalton-Hartland) – Allied Health, Jacob Lundy (Newfane) – Advanced Manufacturing and Engineering, Paris McCugh (Albion) – Security & Law Enforcement, Keegan Muessigbrodt (Orleans County Christian School) – Diesel Technology/Heavy Equipment, Michael Pasquale (Newfane) – Advanced Manufacturing and Engineering, Reanna Perkins (Royalton-Hartland) – Allied Health, Karina Rotoli (Medina) – Allied Health, Molly Russell (Royalton-Hartland) – Computer Technology, Nathaniel Sauls (Newfane) – Advanced Manufacturing and Engineering, Gabriella Smith (Royalton-Hartland) – Building Trades, Dakota Socha (Akron) – Diesel Technology/Heavy Equipment, Ashley Stanczyk (Royalton-Hartland) – Allied Health, Lilian Streich (Lockport) – Security & Law Enforcement, Alyssa Tomaino (Lockport) – Cosmetology, Sophia Trononlone (Newfane) – Health Occupations Technician, Jack Whipple (Lyndonville) – Allied Health.



Congratulations to our NCTEC Students: Andrew Beiter (Niagara Wheatfield CSD) – HVAC/R, Matthew Brown (Lewiston-Porter CSD) – Electricity/Electronics, Ayden Carr (Niagara Academy/Lewiston-Porter CSD) – Building Maintenance & Management, David Day (Starpoint CSD) – Animation, Film & Visual Effects, Travis Franke (Starpoint CSD) – Electricity/Electronics, Lucas Grissett (Barker CSD) – Web Development & Game Programming, Konner Haner (Newfane CSD) – Animation, Film & Visual Effects, Makenna Hopkins (Lewiston-Porter CSD) – Cosmetology, Brett Kancar (Niagara Wheatfield CSD) – Diesel Technology/Heavy Equipment, Nathan Kinder (Niagara Wheatfield CSD) – Precision Machine Technology/Project Based Engineering, Michael Kindron (North Tonawanda CSD) – Electricity/Electronics, Allison Lang (North Tonawanda CSD) – Conservation, Camden Lauffer (Starpoint CSD) – HVAC/R, Daniel Leising (Niagara Wheatfield CSD) – Precision Machine Technology/ Project Based Engineering, Benjamin Majewski (Niagara Wheatfield CSD) – Building Maintenance & Management, Isabella Montie (Niagara Falls CSD) – Early Childhood Education, John Mooney (Starpoint CSD) – HVAC/R, Braeden O’Neil (North Tonawanda CSD) – HVAC/R, Michael Ortiz (Niagara Wheatfield CSD) – Web Development & Game Programming, Kevin Peck (Wilson CSD) – Electricity/Electronics, David Pilecki (Starpoint CSD)-Automotive Technology, Mariah Pirk (Starpoint) – Health Occupations Technician, Caleb Poeller (Christian Academy of WNY) – Precision Machine Technology/Project Based Engineering, Trevor Pollow (Starpoint CSD) – Diesel Technology/Heavy Equipment, Liam Robinson (Lewiston-Porter CSD) – Precision Machine Technology/Project Based Engineering, Emma Sand (Lewiston-Porter CSD) – Health Occupations Technician, Matthew Santos (Niagara Academy/Niagara Falls CSD) – Graphic Communications, Nolan Szczesniak (North Tonawanda CSD) – Diesel Technology/Heavy Equipment, Owen Timian (Wilson CSD) – Computer Technology, Gregory Warner (Niagara Academy/Starpoint CSD) – Building Maintenance & Management, Samuel Weigel (Niagara Wheatfield CSD) – Graphic Communications, Connor Williams (Lewiston-Porter CSD) – Precision Machine Technology/Project Based Engineering and Andon Woodward (North Tonawanda CSD) – HVAC/R. 

group of students with board members

students posing in back of table