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Food Service Program Rolls Out Red Carpet for Lockport Visitors

Jessica Kronenberg’s VIP Food Service Program students rolled out the red carpet for staff from the Lockport City School District.  The District representatives spent a day at the Orleans Career and Technical Education Center getting an overview of the program and watching the students in action as they made various food items like cake pops and cupcakes. 


“It was a great experience for the students to really shine and highlight all the things they are learning in the program,” says Miss Kronenberg.  “It is always a pleasure to have Lockport come in and spend some time with us.  They have been such huge supporters of the program and we have enjoyed a great partnership over the years.  The students really enjoyed engaging with them and I could not be prouder on how they conducted themselves.  I want to give a special shout out to my full day volunteers: Johnathon Hockenberry, Amber Berry, Ann Faery, Samantha Johnson and Meashia.  They were outstanding!” 

class standing behind work station posing with tray

teacher with student and cupcakes

kids working in kitchen