Will I Be Allowed to Pick up My Child?

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  • Parents are allowed to pick up their children unless public safety officials restrict facility access.

  • During any emergency, school personnel will maintain a safe and normal environment for children within the school as is possible. 

  • School is not automatically canceled in emergency situations. 
    • Remember, school may be the safest place for children to be.

  • Students will be released to their parents, guardians, or emergency contact persons as soon as possible. 

  • Bring your photo identification with you (such as a driver’s license) if you are told to pick up your child so we can be sure all children are released to their proper parents/guardians.

  • Children will not be released to individuals who are not authorized on the student's emergency card or who do not have written parent authorization.

  • The emergency contact information is completed by parents and guardians at the start of each school year. Parents and guardians are encouraged to update this information as needed throughout the school year.