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School Library System Annual Evaluation 2009-2010
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Interlibrary Loan
Satisfactory 26 (92.86%)
N/A 2 (7.14%)
Technology Support - The SLS answers technology questions and is willing to assist with technology issues.
Satisfactory 22 (78.57%)
N/A 6 (21.43%)
Telephone Responsiveness
Satisfactory 25 (89.29%)
N/A 3 (10.71%)
The SLS Listserv is:
Satisfactory 27 (96.43%)
N/A 1 (3.57%)
Communications - rate how the SLS provides the means for you to effecively communicate with other SLS participants?
Satisfactory 26 (92.86%)
N/A 2 (7.14%)
Information Relayed from NYS Education Department
Satisfactory 27 (96.43%)
N/A 1 (3.57%)
Resource Development: Professional Collection and Cooperative Collection Development CCD
Satisfactory 23 (82.14%)
N/A 4 (14.29%)
Needs Improvement 1 (3.57%)
The SLS provides an opportunity for sharing.
True 27 (96.43%)
False 1 (3.57%)
Please enter any comments you would like to express about the SLS.
15 (53.57%)
7574 1 (3.57%)
Great Job Molly and SLS! 1 (3.57%)
I continually ILL books that are not accounted for because they are not done through the SLS listserv (as I'm sure others do as well) so I fel the statistics are incorrect. Also, I every year the CCD focus seems to be Spanish books, what about other topic 1 (3.57%)
School Library Media Specialist would be lost if not the the many services provided by the SLS. The Director, Molly Thomson, works tirerlessly to provide us all with up- to- date materials and help. Thank You Molly!!!! 1 (3.57%)
SLS provides a valuable network of library professionals and resources, and is vital to the success of our individual library. 1 (3.57%)
Thank you for another great year. 1 (3.57%)
Thank you Molly for your continued efforts maiking the SLS a valuable resource for all of us! 1 (3.57%)
Thanks, Molly and Cheryl! 1 (3.57%)
The SLS handles a variety of issues for teachers and schools, from questions, professional development and supplies needs. It needs to stay in place! 1 (3.57%)
The SLS is doing an excellent job. 1 (3.57%)
The SLS provides excellent support and leadership. 1 (3.57%)
The Storytelling Festival is another valuable aspect of the SLS 1 (3.57%)
What a great place! They always help me when I need it and they provide the best information and services. Could not do without them! 1 (3.57%)