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School Library System Annual Evaluation 2010-2011
Click on any answer below to drill the results down to just those people if necessary.
Interlibrary Loan
Satisfactory 25 (89.29%)
N/A 3 (10.71%)
Telephone Responsiveness
Satisfactory 27 (96.43%)
N/A 1 (3.57%)
The SLS Listserv is:
Satisfactory 27 (96.43%)
N/A 1 (3.57%)
Communications - rate how the SLS provides the means for you to effecively communicate with other SLS participants?
Satisfactory 27 (96.43%)
Needs Improvement 1 (3.57%)
Information Relayed from NYS Education Department
Satisfactory 28 (100.00%)
Resource Development: Professional Collection and Cooperative Collection Development CCD
Satisfactory 24 (85.71%)
N/A 2 (7.14%)
Needs Improvement 2 (7.14%)
The SLS provides an opportunity for sharing.
True 28 (100.00%)
Please enter any comments you would like to express about the SLS.
18 (64.29%)
A fine job with limited resources. Would like the ILL courrier service to be offered more often, but I have gotten materials requested...and borrowing schools have gotten mine. 1 (3.57%)
Great service. Thank you to 2 dedicated professionals for all your hard work! 1 (3.57%)
I am very thankful for the resources and support provided by SLS. 1 (3.57%)
Molly has spent many years serving and supporting ON BOCES SLMS and we thank her for all her dedication. She can now enjoy a well deserved retirement but will be sadly missed! 1 (3.57%)
SLS has provided so much help and information throughout the school year 1 (3.57%)
SLS is an invaluable resource for our librarians in the area to keep in touch with one another and share information and materials! 1 (3.57%)
Thank You Molly and Cheryl, congrats on your retirement! 1 (3.57%)
The SLS is invaluable in keeping school librarians current on state and local matters. 1 (3.57%)
Who is responsible for keeping ILL statistics (in the past it was the SLS, but apparently now it is up to the individual librarians?) and why do we even need to keep them? 1 (3.57%)
With all the cuts around the state, I hope The Powers That Be recognize the importance of the SLS to SLMS. Many thanks to Molly Thomson and Cheryl Hare for all the assistance they have given us! 1 (3.57%)